Our Mission

As part of God's historical work in the worldwide evangelical student movement, AFC, in partnership with local churches, is committed to establish, continue and propagate this mission among ethnic Chinese students in Canadian educational institutions. While AFC believes in the autonomy of student groups, we will provide leadership, guidance and training, promote and develop students in areas of evangelism, discipleship, leadership and world mission in order to prepare them to serve effectively in local churches, communities and the world.

Together with Christians from different churches, we are committed to a united evangelistic outreach among university, college and high school students on their campuses so as to carry out the Great Commission, to preach the glorious message of Jesus Christ and the power of the gospel, and to build up the body of Christ.



What is Ambassadors For Christ in Canada (AFC)?

ADVANCE the gospel on campuses across Eastern Canada with efforts focusing on new immigrant youth and international students.

FURNISH and equip Christian students to become missional/kingdom-oriented disciples and foster missionary values among those who plan to return to their homelands.

CATALYZE Christians, churches and like-minded organizations to partner together in propagating the student Christian movement. 

Our prayer is that multitudes of students come to Christ and become missional/kingdom- oriented disciples who intentionally passionately live and witness for Jesus in Canada and around the world. 







我們的祈禱是無數的學生接受基督,成為富有使命及具天國意識的基督門徒, 在加拿大以至世界各地,刻意和熱忱地一生為耶穌作見証及為主而活。 

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