PEI Missions Trip

Hi You! Yes YOU!!! 

Interested to experience a mission opportunity in PEI?


What to expect?

We will be partnering with PEI local church to organize and conduct activities for the Youth in the neighborhood.


Am I suitable?

Ask yourself the following:

-      Do you love Jesus?

-      Has the Gospel changed your heart?


-      Would you like to share this Gospel to others?


-      Do you have a heart for mission?


-      Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone?


-      Are you willing to work with international / new immigrant/ refugees in PEI?


-      Are you between the ages of 18 to 25?


-      Are you craving for lobsters?


If yes, then go and REGISTER!!!


 Date of Mission: June 26- July 5, 2017


Expense: $1100 (Includes estimate cost of flight to PEI, Trainings, Material, Team T-shirt, Monday-Saturday Youth Camp Food and Lodging, Debrief) 


***Please note: $100 from this is personal fees which are not tax-deductible. The remaining $1000 is tax-deductible, however if a team member decides to stay outside of the duration of the camp, the flight portion will no longer be tax-deductible. ***


Fundraising: This can be done through activities or personal vision sharing with your home church. If you are not familiar with fundraising, do not be scared of the idea, we do have a workshop on how to fundraise.


 Note: Not including Vulnerable Sector Police Check (Applies only to those over 18)


Training and Events Timeline:


After selection process the Team will go through a series of training to prepare them for the mission. This includes how to lead small group, how to lead bible study, how to lead worship and how to lead big group activities.


Mission Team Tasks:

- Attend all Trainings

- Fundraise support (Missions, Training, Transportation and Material Costs)

- Prepare to lead Small Group

- Prepare to lead Bible Study

- Prepare to share testimony

- Prepare for Big Group activities (indoor/outdoor)


This year we're looking for University students who will be assigned with specific tasks according to their gifting. Example: Gifts in the area of culinary skills, outreach skills, music skills, media skills, etc.


If you need additional information please email

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