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AFC Newsletter January 2016

Download PDF version HERE Beyond the Labels - Integrity Dare 2015 標籤以外 - 敢於正直 2015 This year at ID we were privileged to partner with Deep Waters to equip and speak into this generation on the topic of journeying with the LGBTQ+ community. We recognize that this is an area our students face on a daily basis – from leading their school fellowships, publicly proclaiming their Christian identity to actually sharing their faith to their peers in school. (Read more) 標籤以外。今年「敢於正直」Integrity Dare 營會有幸和 Deep Waters 事工合作去為一群學生裝備及分享 LGBTQ+ 社區的信息。( LGBTQ 是女同性戀者(Lesbians)、男同性戀者(Gays)、雙性戀者(Bisexuals)、跨性別者       (Transgender)與酷兒(Queer)和/或對其性別認同感到疑惑的人(Questioning)的英文首字母縮略字。) 我們辨認出這是學生每天都面對的題目 (詳讀) My journey within “The Label” 我的「標籤」旅程 I am a young Christian male. I first realized I was attracted to guys at the age of 9, when I was in grade 5. I know I was curious and naïve about homosexuality, but I did not give much more thought about it for the next 10 years. Last year, I started university. I literally ignored every ethics in life and began to do whatever I wanted. I have had sexual interaction with other guys and I enjoyed it. However, at the same time, I felt something was wrong (Read more) 我是個年青的男性基督徒。九歲或五年級時就感覺自己愛戀同性別的人。當時我以為這只是成長期間對同性戀的好奇和純真,其後十年亦沒有多加思念這感覺。但去年開始念大學時,我卻拋棄了人生的各種倫理,只去做討自己喜悅的事。我和一些同志有性交往,我亦感到歡悅;然而,每次我也意識到這是不對的... (詳讀) Fanshawe College “Dawn 7” 範莎學院「初」 “Dawn 7” was established by a group of Christian students at Fanshawe College, London, Ontario. “Dawn” refers to the new chapter of life most Chinese international students are experiencing – whom are also the people that the fellowship serves. The mission of the fellowship is to spread the Gospel to the Chinese international students, and bring them to Christ. It all started in 2011, when God touched 2 professors at the college to found The Fanshawe Chinese Students Fellowship to outreach a group of students from China... (read more) 「初」乃一由安省倫敦市範莎學院的基督徒學生所組成的學會,「初」是描述他們所服侍的對象遠道從中國來留學,展開了人生的新一頁。「初」的主要使命是向所有在該學院就讀的中國留學生宣教,引領他們歸向基督。其源起是始於2011年,神感動兩位範莎學院的教授在校內組成了「範莎中國學生之家」(The Fanshawe Chinese Students Fellowship)... (詳讀)


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