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Register for Teens Conference 2023


There are a limited number of tickets available this year, so please sign up as soon as you can! Once registration has reached capacity we will close TC 2023 ticket sales. To join our waitlist, reach out to us at for more information.

  1. Early Bird Rate - $140 (sale ends on February 13, 2023)

  2. Regular Rate - $150 (sale ends on February 24, 2023)

  3. Late Rate - $160 (sale ends on March 6, 2023)

*All ticket sales end on March 6, 2023

THE SENIOR CONFERENCE IS SOLD OUT! To get on the waitlist, please email us at

Are you a Grade 7, 8 or 9 student? Sign up for the Junior Conference (March 13-14).

Are you a Grade 9, 10, 11 or 12 student? Sign up for the Senior Conference (March 15-16).

Note: Grade 9 students can choose to register for either the Junior Conference or Senior Conference.


When registering, you can only purchase 1 ticket per order. One order per unique attendee. If your household has multiple children who plan to attend, you must purchase and fill in a separate registration form per child.


For TC 2023, we will be providing 2 direct buses travelling to the venue location. Here are the bus pick-up/drop-off locations:

  • Finch Station

  • Mississauga Carmel Mandarin Alliance Church

*Note that if the demand for buses is low and less than 30 people requesting transportation we will have to cancel the bus with a notice to let you know that it has been cancelled in advance.

Please be aware that prices have gone up since 2019. Bus schedules will be updated on this page and you will be contacted. The deadline to register for a bus ticket is March 5, 2023.

Note: If your child doesn't plan to take the bus for the departing trip (to TC 2023 venue) and/or return trip (leaving from TC 2023 venue) during the conference, please inform our TC 2023 staff at 647-250-2721.




Financial Aid for Attendees

Did you want to attend to Teens Conference 2023? Don't let financial constraints should not stop you! This year Ambassadors For Christ In Canada has provided a bursary application for attendees. Please submit your application to by February 24, 2023, to be considered.

Teens Conference 2023

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