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Oh, how our world has changed

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So much has happened since we were last able to physically fellowship and meet with one another. Our world has been going through so much chaos, darkness, and uncertainty


During TC 2020, we were truly asked to see that God has NO RIVAL. When we had to move the conference online in a matter of a weekend, God showed us how He had been preparing us and equipping us.

All of us were taken on a crazy adventure to see how Jesus truly has no rival - not in any of our plans, not in the world shutting down, not in even by the constraints we’ve held on to so tightly. As we step into the 50th Teens Conference, it might not be what we had expected or even imagined, but we want to invite this generation into His faithfulness.

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 But EVEN IF he does not, we want you to know, Your Majesty, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up.

Daniel 3:18

What does TC 2021's Even If mean? 


Even if all is lost, we would still choose Jesus

For TC 21, our prayer this year is that each of us can truly say that EVEN IF nothing is going as we had planned, hoped, or even dreamt, that we would still choose Jesus. That EVEN IF all is lost, He is still Lord and King. It’s an invitation to journey together in faithfulness and build one another up. Our world is constantly changing, so many things scream for our attention - the call to stay put and wait upon the Lord is often dismissed.


We’re constantly surrounded by busyness, so much so, we let it define who we are. While connection and information are just at our fingertips, this generation is also suffering from the greatest anxiousness and hopelessness. This generation is the most in touch with the injustices around us and cares the most deeply.


How can we be a part of bringing others along this journey with us to have such a secure hope in Jesus? What are your EVEN IFs? We want this to sink into our hearts, for our souls to know it well, not just to know it with our heads: No matter what our EVEN IFs areHe is still God, He still reigns, and He will have no rival.