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ACF/CCF Directory


In our directory, find the fellowship you are looking for and get connected today!

University of Guelph

Guelph Asian Christian Fellowship

Welcome to Guelph Asian Christian Fellowship! We are a community of brothers & sisters in Christ who are mission-minded community of students living out the Word daily, growing in knowledge, and encouraging one another for good works.

McMaster University

Hamilton Chinese Christian Fellowship

Hamilton CCF's vision is to be transformed by encountering God’s love through accountable community. In this way, the Christian community (not only CCF!) here at McMaster serves two purpose that are intertwined. Firstly, the community fosters a nourishing environment that allows for vulnerability, intentionality, and accountability. Secondly, the fellowship helps to encourage individuals to serve the community and to empower them to be a witness of the Gospel.

Queen's University

Kingston Asian Christian Fellowship (KACF)

KACF is a community of Christ-followers and seekers that look to transform and support each other to be more like Christ. As a body of believers, we strive, like Christ, on campus, to create lasting and intentional relationships. For a fun video about us check out:

Previously KCCF (Kingston Chinese Christian Fellowship)

Wilfrid Laurier University - Brantford Campus

Laurier Brantford Christian Fellowship (LBCF)

Laurier Brantford Christian Fellowship is a university fellowship dedicated to providing members with the opportunity to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ. We hope to provide a non-discriminatory and loving community of growth, accountability, and discipleship.

Wilfrid Laurier University - Waterloo Campus

Laurier Chinese Christian Fellowship (LCCF)

We’re a student-run, university organization dedicated to provide Christian believers with the experience and opportunity to grow in the love of the Father. Our purpose is to fellowship and empower others to embrace the fullness of God’s Kingdom at Laurier.

Ontario Tech University

Oshawa Christian Chinese Fellowship

Oshawa Chinese Christian Fellowship is a group of university students from Ontario Tech University who's mission is to provide a God-centred community to those seeking to explore and discuss the Christian faith, build each other up, and grow together in God’s Word.

Toronto Metropolitan University

Toronto Metropolitan University Asian Christian Fellowship (TMU ACF)

At TMU ACF we see Jesus inviting us to be more like Christ in our actions and in our relationships with one-another. TMU ACF stands for Toronto Metropolitan University Asian Christian Fellowship but you don't have to be from TMU, Chinese, or Christian. We often do bible studies, praise and prayer, gg nights, and more!

University of Toronto - St. George Campus

Trinity Cantonese Christian Fellowship (TCCF)

TCCF is a student fellowship that aims to foster friendships, care, for Cantonese speaking students on campus. We hope to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus through bible study and fellowship; and to be changed and challenged in His pursuit. We welcome both non-Christians and Christians to join us.

University of Toronto - St. George

University of Toronto Chinese Christian Fellowship (UTCCF)

UTCCF is a student-led campus fellowship dedicated to strengthening our relationship with God and one another in order to make His name known across the broader U of T community. We have various meetings throughout the week including ministries and large group which are focused on equipping students to become faithful witnesses for Christ on campus and beyond. Our name is UTCCF, but you don't need to be Chinese, Christian, or from UofT to join -- we welcome you!

University of Toronto - Mississauga Campus

University of Toronto Mississauga Campus Christian Fellowship (UTMCCF)

UTM Campus Christian Fellowship is a diverse Christian community that pushes for genuine, life-on-life community, prayer and evangelism on campus.

University of Toronto - Scarborough Campus

University of Toronto Scarborough Asian Christian Fellowship (UTSC ACF)

UTSC ACF is a community of Christians that hopes to nurture a love for God and for others. Looking forward to living out life on campus with you all!

University of Waterloo

University of Waterloo Chinese Christian Fellowship (UWCCF)

That our love for Christ would be visible and change the lives of all on our campus. “Our love” speaks first to a unity found in the fellowship. Our desire is to see a unified, common love for Christ that is visible to the world – especially the University of Waterloo, our immediate local context.

Western University

Western Asian Christian Fellowship (UWOACF)

Our club exists to bring glory to God in all that we do, whether through retreats, guest speakers, worship, bible studies or games nights. Our goal is to build Christ-centered relationships with one another and grow together in Christ. We meet every Friday at 7pm on Zoom; everyone is welcome!

York University

York Chinese Christian Fellowship (YCCF)

York CCF exists for people at York (but not limited to) those who are seeking to know and learn more about the God of the Bible and ultimately strive to grow together as a body with the desire to treasure more of Him in our lives.

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