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Teens Conference 2024


Teens Conference 2024

A Ministry of AFC in Canada

Juniors - March 11-12, 2024
Seniors - March 13-14, 2024

Teens Conference 2024 will be hosted by

Richmond Hill Christian Community Church

9670 Bayview Avenue.
Richmond Hill
ON L4C 9X9


Are you ready to be transformed?


For Grade 7, 8 & 9 students only


For Grade 9, 10, 11 & 12 students only

Email for waitlist

For any questions, please email

Our Core Values

"Come and See"

For unchurched youth, TC is an invitation to Come and See what Jesus is all about. For those with church experience, TC offers a broader picture of what walking, growing, and multiplying our faith could look like. 

"Imitate us, as we imitate Christ"

For student volunteers, this is a unique opportunity to be mentored and discipled by older believers. Additionally, they will form lasting friendships and communities. 

Kingdom Partnership

Core to AFC is our desire to partner with like-hearted Kingdom partners. From churches to other mission organizations, we work with others to cultivate God’s peace in this world. 

Wonderfully Made

We believe that God has created us as Asian believers – in our bodies, in our context, with a distinct purpose. Collectively, we seek to help youth discover the call that God has given to us as bi-cultural Christians.

About Teens Conference

AFC's Teens Conference is an annual March Break Youth Conference to engage the next generation of students in Canada. Every year has brought over 400 middle to high school students from all across Ontario to experience and encounter the person and message of Jesus in our ever-changing world. Over the last 50 years, Teens Conference has inspired, mobilized, equipped and connected students and leaders alike to live out their calling in all aspects of their lives. 

Our Mission and Vision

Since 1971, Ambassadors for Christ (AFC) in Canada has hosted Teens Conference (TC) in partnership with local Chinese churches across Ontario. Core to its mandate, TC challenges youth to integrate their faith with their everyday lives, not only as individuals but in the context of the community. Moreover, TC has served as a space for youth to invite their friends to encounter Christ for the first time. Through inspiring workshops, keynote speakers, and unique opportunities to serve, TC is a unique space of leadership development for young people. Fuelled by the passionate dedication and faithfulness of hundreds of volunteers spanning all generations, TC is a distinct space for youth to be mentored and stretched in their unique talents and gifts. Whether a participant or volunteer, it is our desire that each person who takes part in Teens Conference will personally experience and encounter our living God. 


Matthew 5:1-12


Teens Conference 2024

This year, we will continue to dig deeper into the fullness of the gospel by
focusing on one word that we see repeatedly, throughout Scripture: BLESS 福. In the Bible,
we are called BLESSed, we are told to be BLESSed, and to be a BLESSing to the nations. In
our Chinese context, we are taught that a blessed person (有福的人) is a lucky person. On
social media we use #blessed to humble brag about our picture perfect life. However, is
that what God means when He calls us BLESSed?

We invite you to examine the richness of what Jesus offers as BLESSings. What does being aBLESSing have to do with the hope that we have? What does that mean for our friends,families, schools, communities, and our world? How does one receive it, and how does onegive it? What does it say about who we are and what we're called to? We hope that thisexploration will help us understand more about life and how to live it well. We pray that wewill live courageously into that blessing, and become a blessing in the places to which wehave been called.


What people say about Teens Conference

"It was an incredible experience for the first time. I definitely did not want to miss out on any of the content being displayed or being able to interact with people."

- TC 2021 Participant

"It was a friendly, safe and welcoming environment."

- TC 2021 Participant

"I am reminded that Jesus doesn’t care about what my future job might be or how many friends I have, but he continues to seek for my heart. I find our theme so timely right now, and there is no doubt in my mind that God is using this special experience to continue the Great Commission, in and outside of Teens Conference."

- REC Team Volunteer


Thanks to our sponsors this year

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Teens Conference 2024, a Ministry of AFC in Canada

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