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Read about how God was working this year for TC 2020!


What is TC?

Teens Conference (TC) is an annual two-day March Break conference organized by AFC. There are two TC's: the first one, our Junior Conference (March 16-17), is for Grade 7-9s, and the second TC is our Senior Conference (March 18-19), for Grade 9-12s. The goal of TC is to help youth in Ontario understand Jesus and His message in an open and honest environment, in hopes that they will live out His calling in all aspects of their lives. TC also inspires and equips Christian youths to live an active life of ministry with Jesus Christ.

Road to TC 2021

In TC11, I was only a regular member, a non-Christian as a matter of fact. But God worked in so many ways that lead me to become who I am today. 

Are you A


What can I do as a student?

Why should I attend Teens Conference?

What will I do there?


For TC?

How can I serve for TC?

Are there volunteer opportunities for me?

What are the teams I can serve on?

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Registration, Volunteering, Coaching: tc@afccanada.org

Sponsorship & Partnership: info@afccanada.org

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