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Keynote Speakers


Christine Lee

Junior (March 11-12)

Christine Lee has loved Teens Conference for as long as she can remember.  She first attended TC in grade 7 and brought her friends with her throughout highschool and it changed her life.   She loves the poor very much and spent many years serving those living in low income housing in Toronto.  She currently serves with Matthew House, a ministry that helps refugees in Canada.  Christine is married to Richard and has 2 children, Aaron and Bethany.  If you see her around the conference, please introduce yourself, and if you have a cat, please have a picture of your cat ready to share. 

Jillian Chong photo.png

Jillian Chong

Senior (March 13-14)

Jillian grew up in Singapore in a highly competitive school system that offered only prescribed ways to success. She often wished there was more to life than what was offered. When she got to know God at age 11, she was very excited to learn that Jesus came so that we can have a full life (John 10:10). Jillian continues to explore how to live this "full life". As the Director of People and Culture at AFC, her passion is empowering others to discover how living their full life goes hand in hand with seeking the flourishing of all creation.

Jillian loves cooking and sharing food with friends, playing Ultimate and Stand Up paddle boarding. She lives with her husband and sassy dog in BC.


Darren Lung

Senior (March 13-14)

Having travelled to 36 countries, Darren considers himself an adventurer at heart. On the other hand, Darren also loves to spend his summer weekends puttering around in his ever expanding garden or admiring his overflowing house plant collection. As the Executive Director of AFC in Canada, he is excited to empower and learn from the next generation (pssst, that's you!). Darren and Tara have been married for 15 years, and they are the proud parents to Sebastian, Ophelia, Delphine and Duke (their dog!)

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