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What is Frosh ConneXion?

Starting post-secondary education marks a momentous new stage in life. This new chapter comes with exciting changes, but also unprecedented challenges in school, relationships, "adulting", and especially faith. It’s crucial to have a community with whom you can navigate through these new experiences.

Frosh ConneXion (FX) is an annual event hosted by AFC, in partnership with various Asian/Chinese Christian Fellowships (ACF/CCFs). FX's purpose is to connect students entering Post Secondary education with Christian communities on their respective campuses.

Chance to meet students from your school

Upper years will be there to connect with you, share from their experience, and connect you to a fellowship on your campus. You can get to know people, find out more about your campus, and get plugged into the Christian community before you even step foot on campus in the fall.


The first four to five weeks of one’s post-secondary career have a momentous impact on the next four to five years, which in turn affect the rest of one’s life. Imagine what the impact would be if a generation of students purposefully walked through that new step with Jesus and others.

When and where is it hosted this year?

Due to the circumstances of COVID-19, this year AFC will be hosting Frosh ConneXion as an online event on Zoom based on your campus' designated time.


See our schedule below for your school's designated date of their meeting. All meetings will run from 7:00-9:30 pm. If your campus is not one of the schools listed below, the designated date for your FX day is Thursday, August 12, 2021.

Event Information
Cost: Free!

Date: Varies depending on your campus

Location: Hosted on Zoom

Time: 7 pm-9:30 pm

Event Schedule

Monday, August 9

Guelph, McGill, OnTechU. Queen's

Tuesday, August 10

Laurier, Waterloo, York, Humber

Wednesday, August 11

McMaster, Ryerson, UTSC

Thursday, August 12

UTM, UTSG, Western, Other schools


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