SUpport our work

The operation of the student ministry work at AFC depends entirely on the gifts of money and time from Christians and churches.


Financial donations are directed to support the ministry staff in working with the Christian fellowship groups in carrying out activities that reach out to the students with the Gospel of Christ on both high school and university/college campuses. They also support the organization of student events led by AFC throughout the year that train and equip student leaders.

Online Methods


PayPal donations does not require an account to complete the process.

When donating, donors will have the option to take or to forgo the online transaction fee. We encourage all donors to do the first in support of AFC's work.

Interac e-Transfer

To make an e-Transfer donation

to AFC, please use the e-mail and specify its designation in the message.

For instructions on how to make

an e-Transfer, go to the Interac website


Donations of CAD$20 or more will be receipted for tax purpose. Also, donation receipts are issued in early February annually.

When requesting for a tax receipt by email, please state your first and last name, your mailing address, and as well indicate whether you would like to receive the tax receipt via mail or email.

Offline Methods


This is the most direct and simplest method of which AFC receives the entire sum of donation as is.

(a) Please make cheque payable to: "Ambassadors For Christ In Canada"

(b) Mail or send cheque to Unit 12, 70 Gibson Drive, Markham, ON, Canada, L3R 4C2

Pre-Authorized Debit

This requires you to provide a void cheque to AFC by filling out the attached Donation Form, and mail it to:


Ambassadors For Christ In Canada

Unit 12, 70 Gibson Drive, Markham, ON, Canada, L3R 4C2


 Please note that this method will also cost AFC a monthly fee charged by the Bank for processing a volume of debit card transactions.


Please provide 2 pieces of information to AFC by filling out and emailing in the attached Donation Form or calling in to provide instruction in confidence, so that the administration can process your financial contribution in a timely manner as follows:

(a) Visa/MasterCard number and its expiry date

(b) Preferred date of the month to donate:1st day or 15th day