The Beloved Community

Our world tells us to strive for more, better, faster. But Jesus invites us to experience true life in our relationship with him and others. Our faith is not individualistic. Instead, Jesus invites us into the Beloved Community — where each person is valued and treated with respect and invited into God’s mission of restoration in our broken world.


Our Vision

AFC desires to be an authentic and courageous community, where each of us is given the space to grow and develop. Let’s face it — none of us have “made it” as Christians. That’s why we practice our Christian faith together.

We are called the Beloved by Jesus, and it is in the context of the Beloved community that we courageously practice our faith, and can live out the fullness of whom God has made us be as Asian-Canadian Christians.

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AFC Internship
Invest in What Lasts

AFC Internships are designed to equip recent post-secondary graduates with the skills, experiences, and paradigms needed to live as life-long participants in God’s mission of renewal and restoration in Canada and around the world.


Through AFC’s Internship experience, you will be mentored, trained, developed, and given meaningful opportunities to make a difference in the students' lives. 

Taking an intern-centred approach, AFC strives to create an environment where Interns are nurtured in their faith, exposed to diverse ministry opportunities, and can use their unique gifts and passions. We believe that God has uniquely gifted, called, and equipped the next generation to engage their particular contexts. We seek to empower AFC Interns to develop creative and innovative ministry solutions to engage their generation in this complex world.

What Do AFC Internships look like?

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One-Year Commitment from May 2022-May 2023

  • Beginning of May - Orientation

    May to August dedicated for building Ministry Partnerships

  • Internship Kick-Off in Mid-August

  • Internship will officially begin from September 2022 to May 2023

Who can participate in this Internship Experience?

We are not looking for “superstar” Christians who never struggle! All of us at AFC in Canada are in process as well. 

Are you seeking to grow in your faith? 

Are you eager to grow in ministry?

Are you a team player?

Do you have a teachable attitude?

Are you willing to be challenged?

Opportunities Available

Student Ministry 

High School | Post Secondary

The workers are few, but the harvest is plentiful. Journey alongside students in fellowships and take part in developing formational experiences like Campus Challenge, FX, and Teens Conference. Create programs that engage students in their faith and spiritual journey.

Digital Media

Graphic Design | Social Media

Ready to take AFC's social media and digital campaigns to the next level? If you have an eye, help create, design and spearhead initiatives that  communicate the AFC identity and presence on all existing AFC platforms.


Brand Awareness | Marketing

Strategists who understand communications in a non-profit setting. We want to hear your innovative ideas to target our message while engaging with students and/or our supporters, to develop awareness and growth for the AFC brand.


It’s been a really memorable 7 weeks at AFC. Throughout my time working as a High School Events Support, I was able to bond with fellow CSJs and staff. I felt a sense of community from our prayer meetings, in-person meetups, and BBQ outings. Having orientation week helped me bond closer with God as I read biblical writings and practiced routine morning prayer. 




2022 Internship Experience

Join us in trusting God as He leads us into the extraordinary. We invite you to join us as we seek to follow God into his mission of renewal amongst students today.