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Serving at Teens Conference

Teens Conference relies heavily on the efforts of hundreds of volunteers each year. Our volunteers range from high school students to young adults to working adults. 

Each year it is our dedicated volunteers help make TC possible. If you are looking for a different experience at TC and to also grow as a leader, then this is the right place to be!



(NEW) Develop and help make Teens Conference a reality. From schedules to workshops topics, be with other creative minds to discover ways to make TC enjoyable for both attendees and volunteers.



Plays an integral role in leading Musical worship during Teens Conference. Not only will you be challenged musically, but you will also learn what it means to live a life of worship for God and to lead with humility.

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Using various artistic medium, the main focus is to share the Gospel and who God is. With your gift of dance and drama, help enhance the messages delivered throughout Teens Conference.



 With a vision to cover the entire conference in prayer, encourage and support each volunteer and attendee through prayer, and to witness, as a team, the power of prayer at work. Rolling Application

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 Using your creativity, lead in creating the logo, posters, T-Shirt Design and promotional materials. Explore the field of design and learn new skills for Teens Conference.

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Collaborate with other Production teams to capture special moments and to create content in preparation for TC. See how the world of photography and videography can be used for God’s Kingdom.

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 This is the team that ensures all lights, sounds, and overall production of Teens Conference is seamless. See how you can use technology to create a better conference experience for attendees and volunteers.



Passionate, courageous, and energetic, Captains are the ones leading other attendees in their TC teams. Be challenged in learning how to share the Gospel and testimonies, lead a Bible study, pray, and more.

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REC's goal is to bring an enjoyable experience for participants through games and skits. If you have the heart to engage with students and input into God’s Kingdom, then join the REC team this March Break.



Handles all logistics and provides support in the operation of Teens Conference. SMU is ready to fill in a gap when needed. If you have a passion for helping behind the scenes and you are willing to go above and beyond the call.

All application deadlines are at 11:59 pm