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Teens Conference relies heavily on the efforts of hundreds of volunteers each year. Our volunteers range from high school students to young adults to working adults to grandparents who help in the kitchen! There really is a role for everyone, and if you are willing to help, there is most certainly something for you to do.

Our dedicated volunteers help make TC possible. If you are looking for a rewarding experience and to grow as a leader, this is the right place to be. All applicants must be a professing Christian, have attended TC at least once before, and be Grade 9 or above.


The Prayer Team is formed with a vision to cover the entire conference in prayer. From the initial planning process to every detail of the conference, we want to encourage and support each volunteer and attendee through prayer, and to witness, as a team, the power of prayer at work.

Application Deadline: Ongoing recruitment 

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All application deadlines are on 11:59 pm


The Media team is a creative, Christ-centred community. Our main focus is to share the Gospel and who God is through the use of various artistic mediums (drama, dance, etc.). Together with the Production team, we aim to present artistic stories that help enhance the message delivered during Teens Conference.

Two video submissions will be required in addition to this application: a creative medium of your choice and a monologue. These must be submitted before the interview. More information will be sent to you after the submission of this application.


If you still wish to apply past the deadline, please email

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The Music Team is a part of the Production team and made up of high school students with a passion for music who play an integral part in leading the conference in musical worship. This team will go through extensive training. Together, they will be challenged not only musically, but also learn what it means to lead with humility and worship as a lifestyle.

One video submission will be required in addition to this application. The video should be approximately 2-3 minutes in length, and we must be able to hear you sing/play your instrument clearly if you choose to play along with a recording. Please send your submission to

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Digital Media captures the road to TC and the 4 days conference through videos and photos! We also collaborate with other teams such as Media, Music, Design, and REC to create digital material for the conference. Your skill level is not what we are looking for, training will be provided. But it is your heart to bring your gifts in this area to serve that count. This will be an opportunity to learn how these skills can be used practically for God's Kingdom work.

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The Design Team works closely with the planning team for all the design aspects of the conference. This includes creating the logo, poster, t-shirt design, and other promotional material. This team is made up of creative high school students who have an interest, but not limited to: typography, drawing, and graphic design.

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The Audio Visual Team is part of the big Production team. This team is made up of high school students who are tech-savvy or have the heart to learn how to be. They play an important role in allowing the production of the conference to be seamless. They are responsible for lights, sound, PowerPoint, and more.

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All teams play an integral part in delivering a great experience for those attending Teens Conference. The TC Captaining team is made up of charismatic, passionate, courageous, and energetic high school students who will lead their peers through a 2-4 day conference about God! Captains go through extensive training in preparation for this conference learning how to share the Gospel, share their testimonies, lead a Bible study, pray, practical leadership skills, and much more. They will be challenged and stretched as they journey together to become faithful servants of the Lord beyond the conference.

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The REC Team’s primary goal is to encourage the other ministry teams prior to and during the conference, as well as to create team bonding opportunities throughout the conference. This team is made up of post-secondary students who are approachable, fun, and spirited (Holy and otherwise)

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The Special Ministry Unit team is involved with the logistics operation at Teens Conference. This team does anything from cleaning and sanitizing, assisting with technology troubleshooting, answering questions, monitoring Zoom rooms, and serving everyone at TC. This team comprises of high school and university students who are 15 years old and older who have a passion for helping behind the scenes and are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty.

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