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Post Secondary

What is ACF/CCF?

University years are the most crucial years in every person's life. Many important decisions are made during this period, and it is during these few years most of our philosophies regarding life and value systems are formulated and established. In other words, whether you are a Christian or not, the few coming years are the most significant ones in your growing process. ACF/CCF has been the place where many students experience what life is all about. Would it also play such a significant part in your life that you could draw a beautiful memory from it in the future?



Witness the Lord Jesus Christ as God incarnate and to seek to lead others to a personal faith in Him as Saviour and Lord. Evangelism is the prime objective.



Deepen and strengthen the spiritual life of students and others through the study of the Bible, fellowship and prayer. The spiritual development of Christians is an equally important objective.



Encourage Christians under the enablement of the Holy Spirit to demonstrate responsible Christian love. The love of one's neighbour is a commandment of the Lord.



Assist Christian students and faculty to explore and assert to the educational community the relevance of the Christian faith to every issue of private life and publish concern. All truth is in Christ.



Challenge Christian students and faculty with the privilege and obligation of participating in missionary outreach - to give and pray and serve in whatever area of life they are called to by God. Every Christian is called to be sent.

If ACF/CCF Cease to Exist ?

This may be a supposition, yet it's by no means far-fetched. In fact, some ACF/CCFs do cease to exist when no one continues to take up the torch. So, what happens when a ACF/CCF ceases to exist on Campus? Let's consider 3 areas:


Some feel that even without ACF/CCF the Christians on campus can still share the Gospel individually; the difference ACF/CCF makes is not that great. However, this view overlooks one essential ingredient of evangelism: the corporate witness. With ACF/CCF being a witnessing community, functioning not only as a supporting base for Christians (encouraging one another in witnessing), but also as a witness to the non-Christians (by loving and helping one another). Such corporate witnessing is very powerful, and must not be taken lightly.


Student days are a crucial period of time for a Christian to grow into maturity. If we subtract the ACF/CCF involvement, we will be deprived of some precious experiences such as learning to relate and to work together with individuals from different backgrounds, churches, and temperaments; striving to integrate faith and learning; and being challenged to engage in missions.


Among the leaders of today's Asian churches, many were the ACF/CCF leaders in their generations. If ACF/CCF ceases to exist today, what will happen to the Church in the decades to come?


The Campus is a vital mission field, Christian students are thus missionaries to it. (Matt 28:19-20)

  • Love is the mark of all Christians. (John 13:34-35) The easiest way to show our love on campus is to establish a caring, sharing, loving Christian group. How will non-Christians see our love without seeing us together?

  • It's easier for Asian people to reach other Asian people. This is the same reason for the existence of the Asian Church. We need target ministries; even Paul had one. We must have a burden for Asian students. If we don't, who will?

  • Non-believers are often more open to coming to a campus meeting on their "turf" rather than going to a foreign environment such as the church which is our "turf". Thus, like all missionary efforts, we must go to the lost and must not wait for the lost to come to us. 

  • The ACF/CCF can perpetrate the campus more effectively with the Gospel than the local church because it meets in the campus, knows the needs of those in the campus and has daily contact with non-Christians.

  • The danger of not being in ACF/CCF is that we might have a tendency to shy away from evangelism because the church is just so far away and often hidden from the campus.

  • Remember, you only have three or four years to learn and to serve in the ACF/CCF, but you will have the rest of your life to be involved in church ministries. Please make use of the opportunity now!




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