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Come and Be in My Kingdom

Campus Challenge 2017 gave me a renewed excitement for the coming of God’s Kingdom and an overflow of joy for the parts of the Kingdom that He has already revealed to us through His word. At CC, we went through several Kingdom parables in the book of Matthew. Through the Parable of the Laborers in the Vineyard from Matthew 20, I was able to see the beauty of the God’s heart behind calling us.

The Kingdom of God is beautiful. It is beautiful because the Master of the Kingdom is not one who simply calls his servants to work for him because work needs to be done, but instead is one who desires for each and every one of us to be in His Kingdom to partake in what He is doing. In Matthew 20, the master of the house could have very well just sent his foreman out to look for workers. Yet this master chose to personally go onto the streets and find his workers himself. He was willing to go out several times during the day, even at the hottest hour and at the end of the day. The master desired for workers to be in his vineyard, so much so that he made it a personal invitation. In the same way, God desires for us to be in His Kingdom and wants a personal relationship with us. He wants to personally meet us at the place where we’re wondering lost and broken to say us:

Come and be in my Kingdom.

Come and be part of what I am doing.

I desire for you and I desire for a deeper relationship with you.

I want to be king over your life.

I want to be king in the darkest corners of your heart.

I want to be king over all your brokenness.

I want to be king during the toughest and darkest storms.

And I want to hold you to tell you that everything is going to be alright.

The Kingdom of God has already broken into this world and can break into your life if you submit to Him and realize who you are and who He is. Let us take time to think and pray about what it would look like if the kingdom of heaven broke into our lives and if it broke into our campuses. The Kingdom of Heaven is wherever Jesus rules: so does Jesus rule in your life and is He King over everything?


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