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God is Still There

During TC beyond, I experienced God's work through my team and their testimony sharing. I was truly blessed, by God, for the people he has placed in my life this year. Even if it was TC or TC beyond, Teens Conference brings so many people together and to serve God as one. Through this whole process of captaining and being with my small group and listening to the work sessions was really one big God moment in my life. I think when I shared my testimony the first time to my small group, I had a God moment and the same when I shared my testimony with my senior group. It's crazy because my testimony and my first every God moment was at TC 2017.

Every time I look back, I'm just there with God again. No one else, just me and God and the story flowed right out of my heart. God really just did all the work, every time I share my testimony I always pray for God to speak through me because I know he can speak this story he has written in my life 1000 times better than I could. This is all God's work and I emphasized because God walked that broken road with me the whole time and I'm nothing without him. God loves me and he knows that without the storms there is no need for me to have faith in him. So he walked that road with me even if I couldn't see it. He held on to me and refused to let go even if I pushed him away harder each day. That's a little bit of my testimony but each time we remind ourselves of that moment, God is still there. He is right there with you and you are never alone.

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