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Nothing Can Stop Him

I am so grateful that God has placed me on Media for the past two years. Through this experience, I have grown in my understanding of who Jesus is and the ways that He works. It has pushed me to continue growing in my faith and love for Him. I have also been surrounded by a community of believers unlike any other. They have struggled with me, encouraged with me, and kept me accountable.

In my first year, I experienced a lot of frustration. Writing pieces were tough and this was not in my comfort zone. However, in that frustration, I saw God’s power made perfect in my weakness and my strength came only from Him. As TC came along, I realized how much pride I had within me. I was too focused on perfecting my actions and lines. I lost sight of why I was doing all this. I realized that I was weak and could not perform the pieces without the strength of God. All of this was to glorify God and only God. None of it was a performance. It was an act of worship. I needed to fully trust and surrender these pieces and myself to Him because He is the one who ultimately works through them and in the hearts of those who watch them.

In my second year, I grew in my understanding of who Christ is to me. As we studied the Gospel together as a team and as I wrote pieces about Christ being King, I came to a deeper understanding of the theme No Rival. When our world was hit with the pandemic, I saw how helpless and powerless we were. All the work the teams and volunteers had done, would it all go to waste? No, because God has no rival. He is sovereign and nothing can stop Him. The battle is already won. Christ had defeated death and rose again. This is our hope.

Our team has been reminded of this hope. I was amazed by how all the volunteers were able to come together to do a virtual TC in two days. This was only possibly by the power of God.

Nothing can stop God and His work in reaching people through TC, virtual or not. Through this situation, we were humbled as He reminded us how He is in control.

I am so thankful for the community God has given me through Media and the lessons He taught me. This experience will always hold a special place in my heart.

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