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The Unexpected

When I signed up to serve again with SMU this year, I thought I knew what to expect. I expected a conference I know and was familiar with, on where I knew my role and function in. TC 2020 was not what I was expecting.

While the first couple months leading up to TC seemed about the same, 202 came and changed everything. In the matter of weeks, TC changed drastically and into a new frontier I never expected I to go – online.

When I found out we were going online I didn’t know where SMU would fit into the picture. There are no attendees to guide or rooms to set up in a virtual space. I was signed on for the Kitchen team this year but certainly couldn’t serve lunch for TC Beyond.

As TC began, all I saw was all these obstacles and challenges but once we started in earnest, I saw how God was working through it all. TC Beyond allowed me to interact with the sessions in a way I never got to before. As SMU, we don’t get the chance to watch the sessions much but this year we could be the audience as media pieces were filmed and sermons were broadcasted. Moving online helped us forge longer-lasting bonds as we continued devotions way past the 4 days of serving TC.

While COVID-19 forced us to change our plans, God showed me that He’s always in control. I’ve always liked to rely on myself but this year I couldn’t, and God showed me all the ways He can work when you give Him the room to do so. He showed me He truly has #NoRival in shaping our lives no matter how much we want to cling to our control.

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