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Board Chairman's Message


In the past two (2) years, AFC’s Board of Directors has spent a significant amount of time discussing our organizational vision and future direction. Earlier this year, the board reaffirmed AFC’s mission statement, with minor adjustments to include the phrase primarily Chinese students.

It is to reflect our heritage and our calling to continue to reach the ethnic-Chinese student population in Canada, but also to reflect the reality that we do serve a multi-ethnic demographic with many non-Chinese students benefiting from our ministries. We are praying that God will bless us with a 5-10 year vision as we reach our 50th anniversary next year.

For the Executive Director search, we continue to covet your prayers. Although the process has been long (8+ months), God has taught us many lessons about where He is leading us. As Chairman of the Board, my task was to help fill the void and support the leadership team (Letty and Elizabeth) while the executive search continues. Please remember us as we wait upon the Lord to lead us through the remaining journey.

Financially, during this trying period with a significant decrease in revenue, we are thankful that God has provided through government COVID subsidies to keep our ministries afloat. Thank you for your continued partnership and financial support this year, even as you are also suffering various forms of difficulties and hardships. (See 2020 Financial numbers at the end of this message)

Last but not least, I hope the increased regularity and quality of AFC newsletters have been able to keep you better informed on what is happening on our campuses and to know how to pray for and support our ministries. Pray that God has been keeping you close, but also sending you far and wide (digitally) to be His Ambassadors in these uncertain times.

Merry Christmas,

Abraham Wong

Chairman of the Board



對於行政總幹事的招聘,儘管這個過程已長達8個月多,神在當中給我們許多功課,並讓我們更了解祂的指導。作為董事會主席,我會繼續填補行政總幹事職位的空缺,並在事工上盡力支持領導團隊(Letty & Elizabeth)。請繼續為我們等候神的帶領代禱。


最後,我們希望提升使者通訊的次數和質量,能夠讓您更了解校園的工作與發展,並為機構代禱和支持。在這個動盪的世代,祈求父神保守您並 與您同在,差遣您到各處作祂的福音使者。




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