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   Prayer is a life of   submission to God.

With the current circumstances of our world, our immediate response is fear and the desire to take matters into our own hands. We have forgotten the importance of prayer, but our God is listening to us. Instead, our first response should be turning to Him in prayer.

Prayer is not only one-way communication with our God, but it is a continuous act and life of submission to God. In this way, our prayer to God is a catalyst: it provokes the change not only within us but also in our actions and circumstances in our life.

We seek and understand that in anything and everything that we do, we must come before God in prayer. AFC invites you to join our initiative as we journey together and learn what life in complete surrender to God can be.

   What is the Catalyst?

As a response to these global and divisive issues, AFC has created an initiative "Catalyst: a Prayer Invitation" to provide a monthly prayer guide on relevant topics, and an opportunity to explore various forms of prayer such as silence, thanksgiving, corporate and more.

Every month, we will be introducing a new form of prayer along with a topic and theme based on relevant needs throughout the year. With these resources, it will help as a guideline for your journey of a more prayerful life and to see the importance of prayer.


To follow and access the resources, we will be posting them up on our Instagram page on a weekly basis. Follow us on Instagram so you won't miss out on our weekly updates!


Form: Prayer in Silence

Theme: Freedom & Injustice

Have you encountered an awkward moment of silence? In August, we discussed the importance of prayer in silence. Below is our monthly booklet for you to follow along.


Form: Corporate Prayer

Theme: Back to Campus/School

Even though the upcoming school year may not be the same, it is important to find and pray with a community of believers for strength and unity. Our September edition will come out at the end of the month.


Form: Prayers of Gratitude

Theme: Thanksgiving

One word always resonates with us as the month of October comes around. Follow us this October as we think back and reflect on moments in our lives that we can give thanks to our God. 


Form: Imagery

Theme: Rest

The idea of mindful rest is expending energy in spending time with God actually gives us more energy. Our focus this month will be to encourage and challenge to rest in God. 


Form: Scripture

Theme: Identity & Purpose

If Christ is enough for us, then we can be secure and confident with our identity as a child of God. This month let us focus on how to be confident in our identity in Christ.

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