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AFC is hiring this year!

Are you interested in working at AFC? We are hiring for three (3) different positions:

  1. Manager, Administration

  2. Events - Staff

  3. Ministry Internship

Manager, Administration - The successful candidate ensures administrative and logistical effectiveness in supporting AFC’s ministry work by providing robust stewardship in AFC’s resources, ensuring that resources and internal protocols are aligned to support effective ministry program implementation.

Events, Staff - The successful candidate provides administrative and ministry support for AFC’s Event-based ministries and ensures that resources and internal protocols are aligned to support effective events program implementation.

Ministry Internship Program - This new internship program is designed to equip graduates who are devoted to God’s mission as they prepare for a lifetime of Christian ministry as they discover what vocation God is calling them to, be it in full-time ministry or in another profession.

AFC's Mission and Commitment

Ambassadors For Christ (“AFC”) In Canada exists to continue God’s work in:

  1. The worldwide evangelical student movement

  2. In partnership with local churches

  3. We endeavor to walk alongside students, primarily Chinese

  4. To be grounded in scripture

  5. Be faithful followers of Jesus Christ

Application Process

For more information about each application, read more about it on our Opportunities page here

If you have any questions and inquiries, please contact us at


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