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Asian/Chinese Christian Fellowship 

In Canada, you will find that ACF/CCF exists in almost every university campus. What is ACF/CCF all about? Of course, we can list the variety of programs that take place during ACF/CCF: Worship, Bible Studies, Discussions, Movies, Music Presentations, Sermons, Workshops, Talent Shows, Outdoor Activities,Indoor Games, Retreats, Summer Camps, Cell Groups, Testimonies, Sharing, etc. It seems that there is nothing under the sun that we would not do.

There are two main objectives that ACF/CCF covers: 

  1. ACF/CCF should be a place where Christian students can come to fellowship, communicate, learn and grow together. ACF/CCF should be a Christian body which transcends denomination, culture, language, sex, age, academic discipline, or any other difference of background.

  2. ACF/CCF should be a place where non-Christian students come to appreciate what it means to be a Christian. ACF/CCF should not be a monopoly of only Christians, but rather it is open to every student so that together we may search for the Life, Love the Life, and let our lives touch other lives.




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