Post Secondary Ministry

We want to see a flourishing movement of witnessing communities whose presence transforms college and university campuses across Canada through the power of the gospel.

The heart of our ministry is relational. Thus, we participate in Jesus’ Kingdom ministry by building and stewarding a network of relationships among students, faculty, and local churches. We do so primarily by working with existing Asian and Chinese Christian Fellowships (ACF/CCF) and by bringing students and faculty together to establish new Christian fellowships on campus. 

Coaching and mentoring student leaders are our main mode of ministry. We empower and support them to become effective missional leaders on their own campuses. We also host various events that reach a wider audience, where we cast the vision of the campus mission, equip students for campus ministry and connect students to campus fellowships.




Are you looking for a fellowship on your campus? Take a look at our directory to see if there's one near you!

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