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"Jesus, I will follow you"

Something I really enjoyed about this year’s CC was how there are no leaders for small group! They assigned a time for everyone in the group to lead two sessions each, with a partner as well. I thought that was cool and does challenge attendees as a leaders, and I personally felt the push to lead, especially since I came into CC expecting to learn about leadership but not expecting to actually practice it. As a small group, we opened up very quickly. This really reminds me of what it is like to be in a family of Christ, where those who don’t know each other are able to connect so well, so quickly, through Christ Jesus.

The sessions were great! What does it mean to follow Jesus? It means exactly that! It’s not about thinking through what Jesus is like first, or dealing with other things in life and put it as lesser of a priority. It simply means following Jesus wherever he calls us to go! There is so much weight in speaking the words “Jesus, I will follow you.” It is a commitment. Luckily, we are following a God that goes out to us broken people, multiple times, to call His people to Him, even though we are useless, purposeless, and unable to do anything with our own ability. Praise Him Jesus.

在這一年的 Campus Challenge 我特別喜歡沒有固定小組組長這個決定!主辦的 AFC 把每個小組成員都搭檔起來讓每對搭檔都會在營會期間帶領小組討論兩次。我覺得這樣挺有趣而且真的可以挑戰來到營會的學生嘗試領導。我個人感覺營會挑戰和鼓勵了我的領導能力。我本來以爲來到 Campus Challenge 只是學習一些到校園裏做領導的概念,沒想到會在營會中實踐。我們的小組很快就融合起來大家分享生命。這真的讓我被提醒到在主内的大家庭是怎麽樣的:當大家都不太認識時也可以在主裏很快的融合起來。營會的信息太棒了!什麽才是跟隨耶穌呢?那意思就正正是要跟隨耶穌!不是要我們先有我們自己心裏覺得耶穌是怎麽樣的概念或先把生命裏其他的責任先做完而把跟隨耶穌放到其次。跟隨耶穌就是要單一的跟隨祂,不管祂呼召我們到哪裏!當我們說:“耶穌,我跟隨你。”的時候,這一句話真的有巨大的意義也是一個沉重的承諾。但很幸虧的是我們跟隨的是一位不斷來到我們的破碎中,呼召祂子民的上帝,不論我們多軟弱,無能或失去目的。感謝贊美祂!


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