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Help Us Reach More Students

AFC in Canada has always been committed to reaching students, primarily of Chinese descent, with the Good News of Jesus. From our founding, it has been the passion of AFC to help students take their next step toward Jesus in more relevant and meaningful ways.

Take a moment and think about the young people in your life – where do they spend the most time? Who, or what is most influential in their hearts and minds? For most high school and university students, the majority of their days are occupied in school and on the Internet. Surveys have shown that young people spend upwards of 7 hours online each day!

Through social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, many young people are learning what the "good life" looks like and what it means to be human. But are they learning what it means to follow Jesus on these platforms? Are they being influenced to love God and others?

Young people are consuming content that shapes their worldviews and the affections of their hearts. And AFC in Canada wants to help shape their hearts and affections towards Jesus.

Developing inspiring, Gospel-centered content for students

Building A New Ministry

We are excited to build a team that focuses on reaching students through developing inspiring, Gospel-centred content! Currently, Clarence Pong is pioneering this ministry along with 3 summer interns. We envision a day when AFC in Canada can cultivate thriving online communities where students can experience God’s love through inspiring video content, thought-provoking blogs, and compelling visual mediums.

Why? Developing an online ministry presence allows us to expand our reach beyond our current communities and to enable more students to hear the Gospel. In building this ministry, we are trusting God to provide the necessary capital investment, equipment, and ministry infrastructure. As we create from the ground up, we invite you to help us with this endeavour.

In total, we trust God to provide $10,000, allowing us to upgrade our current audio mixer (an urgent need) and our server storage systems and purchase new cameras. This investment will allow our staff and interns to create another avenue where students can take their next step toward Jesus.

AFC in Canada believes that the Good News of Jesus is something that all students need to hear and experience. We know that students will shape our future, but who and what will shape them? And we want to be there as it happens.

To support this new project, please designate your online giving to AFC - Special Projects. You can also send cheques to the office by writing Digital Ministry in the memo section.

Come and Visit Us!

We are now fully moved into our new office at Unit 510, 685 Sheppard Ave East, North York, ON, M2K 1B6. Come and visit us anytime! We would love to connect with you as our friends and partners in ministry.

Please send all future correspondence to this new address. Additionally, our phone number has changed to 416-551-0703.


Giving Thanks for You

On behalf of AFC in Canada, I want to thank you for your continued partnership. In the busyness of life, it can be easy to lose sight of why we do what we do; however, this work for me is personal.

As the father of three young kids (one who will soon be a teenager!) I wonder who will be present to help them grow and remain firm in their faith when they graduate from high school. Leaving home and going to university/college is a crucial time in the faith journeys of young people. Will you join us in helping our young people know Jesus?

This is why we exist: to provide a place where students, particularly those of Asian descent, can come to faith in Jesus, grow in their faith, and make a difference in the world. We want to see young people walking courageously with Jesus so all may know him! We would love for you to continue partnering with us, trusting that our faithful partnership will leave ripples into eternity.

With a grateful heart,

Darren Lung, Executive Director


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