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AFC announces the appointment of the Executive Director

As Ambassadors for Christ in Canada is approaching its 50th anniversary, the Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Darren Lung as the new Executive Director. His tenure starts on March 29, 2021.

We thank all of our partners for praying diligently alongside us as we have undertaken a thorough and extensive search over the last year. We are confident that God will lead Darren, our staff, and our students, as we seek to continue God’s work of renewal amongst students, primarily of Chinese descent, in Canada today.

Darren has served for over 15 years in student ministry and offers a broad base of both national and international experience. Having served in East Asia, Calgary, Scotland, Kingston, and as a National leader in P2C-Students, Darren has a passion to see students embody and embrace the Great Commandments. We believe this guiding conviction will be an asset to AFC as we continue to look to the future.


“My desire for AFC is that our ministries can continue to be a safe place where young people have the opportunity to encounter Jesus, explore life’s big questions, and discover God’s heart of compassion for our world,” says Darren. “I truly believe that as we grow in embodying and embracing the Great Commandments – loving God with our whole heart, soul, and mind; and loving others as ourselves – our lives will be a source of healing, renewal, and restoration in our world. I pray that the world will know us by our love.”

Darren is joining AFC at a time where we have all had to adapt, innovate, and reimagine what it looks like to continue God’s work of renewal amongst students. He is excited to work collaboratively with our staff, students, volunteers, partners, and churches, as we seek to come together to serve the next generation in this rapidly changing world.

Born in Hong Kong and immigrating to Canada with his family in 1988, Darren has been married to Tara for 13 years. They are the proud parents of three children – Sebastian (10), Ophelia (8), and Delphine (6).

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

With gratitude, Abraham Wong, Chairman of the Board


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