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For this special year, attendees will be able to choose-your-own workshop during the conference. Here is a list of the workshops we'll be having, stay tuned for which days they'll be on! 


Schedule: Day 1 (April 12, 2021), Day 2 (April 13, 2021), Day 3 (April, 14, 2021)

Same Sex Attraction and Faith

EVEN IF I don't express my sexual attraction in the way that I want, God journeys with me

The sexual revolution has pervaded our society and our media. This is a reality for many in and out of the church. Since we all long for acceptance/intimacy, it is a difficult road to walk down. As Christians, how can we better understand our gay/transgender neighbours? How do we navigate through the conflicting values of the Bible and society? What does the cross mean for the lost; the immoral; the broken; for me? Where do we even begin to start the conversation? How can we walk and journey with those in this space?

High School Fellowships

EVEN IF I'm just in Highschool, God has purpose for me

Can God use me in my high school? Taking on the opportunity to make God known in my school, where do I begin? Let's see how we can make this possible together.

Persecuted Churches

EVEN IF no one else will go, God loves the world

There are places in the world where being a Christian means risking your life. Tell me more. What is happening in our world? What does the Bible say about this? Can we do something?

Social Media and Digital Awareness

EVEN IF social media plays a huge role in my life, God can use my influence for the Kingdom

Who are we in light of our very social world. Are we defined by our TikTok views? Your number of Instagram followers? Social media allows us to show our best to others, a seemingly new challenge that we face everyday. Are we a different person on social media? What does it mean to live out our faith in these areas? How can awareness bring change? Can social media be used for good? For the Kingdom?

Mental Health

EVEN IF there are struggles, God cares about my mental health

Depression, Anxiety, Stress, and so much more. How are we to respond to mental health issues in our own lives? In the lives of our friends? How does it affect who I am? How does this relate to my faith? God Cares.

Post secondary and Faith (Gr. 12s only)

EVEN IF I'm going to university next year, God will prepare me

Are you anxious, worried or stressed about heading to post-secondary? Are you not sure what to expect? Are you worried about your relationship with God after high school? Come and learn what university will bring from people who have been there.

Vocation and Calling

EVEN IF my life is all planned out, God has a calling for me

"My life has always been planned out for me. As long as I make it to the next thing, I'll be fine." Does that resonate with you? We want to journey with you as you discover God's calling for you and what that means in terms of your vocation. What does that mean? How can I be prepared for what God is equipping me uniquely for.

Social Justice

EVEN IF our world is broken, our God is a God of justice

What happens when we try to follow Jesus off the page? What do service, worship, and prayer look like in the messy world outside our front door? Jesus is calling us to step out of our comfort zones to love. In return, our faith will be transformed in ways we never imagined -- we may even discover his love in new ways ourselves. With all the things that are unfair in this world, what does the Bible have to say about this? What does Jesus do about it?

Hard Questions

EVEN IF there are hard questions about faith, God invites me to ask them

There are so many debatable questions. What if: I don't know all the answers? I am afraid that I might not be able to help? I get even more confused about my faith? This workshop will address some of the challenges and encourage you to stand firm. Don't be afraid to ask the hard questions. Start sending your questions to TCToughQuestions@gmail.com.

Loving our Neighbours

EVEN IF we're all just home, God wants us to care for those around us

Now that we've all been home for the past year, does it mean the work of God stops? How do we follow His command to love our neighbours? Who is our neighbour? How can our life be one that is lived with purpose and mission? Who is my neighbour?

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